Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Tasks 1 - 5

Do you like this London Metro station? It's called Underground or The tube. It has about 12 different lines

Let's try blogs and see if we learn English better and faster. Creativity and imagination are important. Create your own blog and do the following activities:

1. Write about a website you enjoy visiting (120 words minimum)
Say:How you found this site.How often you visit it.
And explain why you like it.Add a link to the webpage.

2. Select an appropriate career-related article from the Guardian (or similar quality newspaper/source)
Summarize the article (120 - 150 minimun)Do not plagarize!!!!!Provide a link

3. Post a piece of art you like and write an accompanying text (150 words minimum)
Say:Who the artist is.When you first saw this piece of art.Explain why you like it.

4. Write an evaluation or criticism of a classmate's blogspot.
You could say why you like/dislike it or list the strong points and the weak points.It would be good if you included comments on your favourite/least favourite post.You could also mention the desing, layout, colours, etc.Minimum 200 words.

5. Write a review of a film you saw recently (200 words minimum)
Say who stars in the filmGive a short outline of the plot.Mention the good points and bad points of the film.

6. The advantage and disadvantage of using blogs in the English classroom.

Link your blog to this one.